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The Two Percent Company is an informal group of folks who are concerned about the current direction of our country and our world. In short, we believe that people have the right to do whatever they want to do, as long as it doesn't interfere with the rights of others. Unfortunately, religious figures, politicians, and stupid or narrow-minded people are determined to impose their silly or dangerous beliefs on us.

Anatomy of the Two Percent Company
Think of the Score as the brains of the Two Percent Company — a place where logic, reason, and research have been applied to the problems in the world in order to come up with rational answers. In keeping with this organic analogy, that would mean that our Rants would be the heart of our company — the Two Percent Company's blog, with oft emotional reactions to news stories about problems in the country and the world. Our Resources — links to sites and groups from which we get information — would be our ears and our eyes, and our Stores would be, for lack of any relevant analogy, our spleen.

The Latest...
  • We've recently updated our Privacy Policy to include some clarifications regarding our advertisers.
  • We've got a new store on the block, the Political Confusion III store, currently focusing on the mountain of bullshit that asshole Bush has left behind for President Obama to clean up. If you like to buy things, and wear or drink out of them, you can buy some of our things!
  • If you're looking for a blog reflecting our gut reactions to the latest news, you'll want to check out our Rants.
  • If you're interested in information regarding self-proclaimed medium Allison DuBois, you'll want to check out the series we call Allison DuBois: Debunked! — the real scoop on the dubious claims of Allison DuBois.

Our Goals
Our mission at the Two Percent Company is to expose the blatant stupidity and recklessness of many individuals and groups in our world — particularly those who have acquired a great amount of power, influence, and notoriety.

We plan to forge the unknown into common knowledge, to eradicate bullshit and ignorance — willful or otherwise — and, in general, to fight for truth, justice, and the use of science, reason and logic to further the progress of humankind.
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