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Sure, you're checking us out, but who do we check out? In this wonderful age of interactive mass communication, there are thousands of websites that can give you the information you need to tell truth from bullshit. Here are just some of those that we thought deserved special mention. (All links will open in a new window/tab.)
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The American Civil Liberties Union
In the fight for Civil Liberties in the United States, the ACLU is always on the front lines. Check out their site to see all of the issues they are tackling, and lend a hand if you can. We've put them on speed dial. Now that Bush is back for four more years, you may want to do the same.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation
With the rapid pace of technological advancement, government legislation is lagging way behind what's going on in the real world. The EFF is a non-profit group dedicated to protecting your digital rights as we journey into the Twenty-First Century. In addition, they have really stepped up to defend the legal rights of bloggers, which is (obviously) a topic very near and dear to our hearts.

The James Randi Educational Foundation
Magician James Randi has been debunking bullshit claims, from psychics and ghosts to homeopathic medicine and "magical" stereo systems, for years.

Penn & Teller's Bullsh*t!
The guys who went all the way, and actually said "Bullshit!" This well-known duo is just as angry at the stupidity in the world as we are, and they've got a much higher budget. A great source of valuable debunking material, as long as you can take their overtly Libertarian bent with a grain of salt. If you get the Showtime premium cable channel, check this show out — highly recommended.

Dr. Stephen Barrett navigates the treacherous waters of medical quackery, exposing the bullshit behind every branch of pseudo-medical crap from acupuncture to magnet therapy to wild yam cream, and everything in between. The definitive guide for quack medicine, this is a must read for anyone who is considering any form of "alternative medicine," and a great place to formulate an answer to the commonly (and naïvely) asked question: "What's the harm?"

The Skeptic's Dictionary
Sure, you may know that some things are bullshit, but do you know what kinds of bullshit they represent? Whether you want to know what particular brand of delusion afflicts your gullible friends, or what some of the stranger traditions and practices throughout human history are, Robert T. Carroll's Skeptic's Dictionary is always a helpful resource.

The Talk.Origins Newsgroup's Website
One of the issues we find most outrageous is the attempt by religious zealots to infiltrate science classes in our American educational system. The Talk.Origins site helps to explain why the currently held theories in cosmology, geology and evolutionary biology are proper science, while creationist bullshit doesn't even come close. A good reference to have when battling creationists, or their slightly dressed up cousins, the Intelligent Design "theorists."

The Panda's Thumb
The Panda's Thumb is a website started by many scientists, professors, and other educated people to discuss the issue of the evolution/creation battle as it pertains to both science and politics. These are some exceptionally smart people, some of whom are also contributors to Talk.Origins. You can also find some creationists trolling the boards, occasionally, which is usually good for a laugh.

Paul Z. Myers is an associate professor of biology at the University of Minnesota, Morris, and a definite good guy in our book. A regular contributor to the Panda's Thumb and American Street, PZ uses Pharyngula as his personal blog, where he discusses science, politics, and anything else that comes to mind. Always a good read.

Stupid Evil Bastard
Les Jenkins is the kind of person that makes us proud to belong to the same species that claims him. Admirably rational, staggeringly insightful, and immeasurably patient with the kind of trolls his blog can attract, Les covers a broad range of topics over at Stupid Evil Bastard — from blogging and technology to politics, religion and atheism. Les has made the bold leap to allowing others to post entries on his blog; while we look forward to seeing the eventual results of this experiment, Les' own entries remain required reading.

Richard Rockley is, quite simply, one of the best skeptical bloggers out there. Wonderful writing, important topics, keen observation and clever analysis. A must-read site.

Unscrewing the Inscrutable
Brent Rasmussen, along with the mysterious DarkSyde and bright young blogger Alon Levy, entertain and educate us in their little corner of the world. They cover politics, religion, science, economics, and philosophy, and they do it all with common sense and a great sense of humor. If it wasn't a completely meaningless compliment, we�d make them honorary members of the Two Percent Company. But instead, we just read them daily.

Lindsay Beyerstein is a magnificent skeptic who writes on a variety of topics, from politics and the media to religion and other bullshit. We don't even mind if she's as ticked off as she looks in her picture — that's the kind of fire we need on our side of the gullibility gap. We consider Majikthise another must-read site.

Dispatches from the Culture Wars
Ed Brayton, another regular contributor to the Panda's Thumb, covers a wider range of topics on his personal blog. The thing that amazes us about Ed is how he manages to write the sheer quantity of posts that he does, while never sacrificing quality. Every post from Ed, whether it's about law, religion, politics, or breaking news, is thought-provoking and well-written, and we visit often for a good dose of humor, analysis, and common sense.
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